Toki pona links

Official Site (recommended starting point)

Useful Fan Resource (original lessons. dated, but good)

Fan Site, includes ding dictionary file

Direct link to lessons from above:

Grammar/Style Check List author has multiple posts under tokipona tag:

are tokiponans klingon? (discussion of context and politeness) (interestingly, this got me thinking that part of why the language doesn’t require politeness filler is that the default state is considered positive. alien to most human languages too, and effective in the philosophic side of my explorations to not babble apologies and honorifics)

Fuzzies and Toki Pona

Toki Seme – A toki pona helper for translating sentences.

Quizlet quiz

excellent phrasebook (Swadesh List)

toki pona Style Guide!

jan Lope’s dictionary

discussion of using hyphens for clarity in idiomatically known compound words.

Pronunciation traps for English Speakers

Chuff’s toki pona – english google spreadsheet

English to TP word list

Classic Word List (Improved!) –

toki pona in 76 illustrated lessons (PDF) Flashcard Game (search for other card sets on this site)

Official Toki Pona Dictionary (forum post of word list from official book) Has some interesting commentary about word and language evolution

Phrasebook (some questionable translationsi, non-canonical)

Wikibooks article on toki pona

Guardian Article about tokiponathon

Video Lession (learn toki pona in a fortnight)

Allusionist Podcast 25: Toki Pona (interview with creator)

Blog Post about learning the language

Blog post about language